FR4 vs. Light weight aluminum PCB using in automotive lights

Rate Comparison

In the expense contrast, the Aluminum PCB is extra pricey than FR4, as well as more premium in performance.


Thermally Conductivity Comparison

Aluminum PCB has a fantastic capacity of thermally conductivity compared to FR4 makings them play an important role on LED lights modern technology.


Innovation Practices

The thermal conductivity dielectric material of Aluminum PCB is a thermal bridge that attaches the parts and also steel plate. It can move warm to the heat sink via the core automatically. An Aluminum backed PCB is constructed with aluminum support, very thermally conductive dielectric layer and typical circuit layer. The circuit layer is a slim PCB bonding to the aluminum support. As for FR4 PCB, it takes regular machining practices: drilling, directing, v-scoring, countersink counterbore. So it requires an extra warmth sink to perform warm in from the circuit layer. Or it will a potential damaging hotspots.